Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Please read the Terms of Use carefully before you start using this website, as by using or placing an order through it, you agree to be bound by these Terms; therefore, if you do not agree, you should not use this website. These Terms may be modified. It is your responsibility to read them at regular intervals.
1.The sale of products through this website under the trade name Coffee Store Karpos – “To Kafeidikon” is carried out by the business named «ΣΟΝΙΑ ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΣΙΑ ΕΕ», located at I. Gounari 11, Ioannina, 45444 street, with VAT ID 801346730.

2.All information regarding your identity and personal details provided on the website are processed according to the Privacy Protection Policies and must be true, accurate, and not misleading.

3.By using the website or submitting an order through it, you agree to:

Not make false or fraudulently placed orders without the intention of completing them. In such a case, we reserve the right to cancel them and inform the relevant authorities of any further damages caused to us.

Provide us accurately your email address and all your contact details. We may use this information to contact you if necessary (see Privacy Protection Policy). Remember, if you do not provide all the requested information, we cannot proceed with your order.

4.Regarding the sales contract between us, it is considered concluded only when your order is expressly accepted by us via an email confirmation. If, for any reason, we do not accept your order and the order has already been paid for, then the money will be refunded in full. To consider the formation of the contract complete, you must follow the purchase process described on the website, then receive an email from us confirming the receipt of your order (“Order Confirmation”), another email stating that your order is being processed and therefore cannot be modified, and finally, an email confirming that the product has been shipped (“Shipping Confirmation”). The Contract will only concern the products whose shipment we have confirmed in the Shipping Confirmation and not products that may be unavailable or for any reason we cannot send you at the time of your shipping confirmation.

5.All acceptances and deliveries of your orders depend on their availability. We are only liable for gross negligence and deliberate misconduct on our part, in case of delay in delivering your products, while, in case, for reasons for which we are not responsible (such as difficulty in supply, stock depletion, etc.) there is any delay or inability to fulfill, we reserve the right to inform you accordingly and either proceed with a similar order or refund the amount you may have paid, in full.

6. Our website bears no responsibility towards you or any third party for the withdrawal of any products from this website, as well as for the removal or editing of any website’s product content, after sending you the Order Confirmation.

7. If, for any reason, we fail to meet the delivery date, which is usually set within 5 business days, we will inform you accordingly, and you are entitled either to request a new delivery date or to cancel the order with a full refund. The delivery of the product is considered to have been made when you or a third party designated by you has gained physical possession of the products, which will be proven by signing the delivery receipt of the corresponding courier company at the place you have designated as the delivery location.

8.If, for any reason, we are unable to deliver your order to the place you have indicated to us, we will inform you of this condition and what you should do to receive it, in consultation with our partner courier company.

9.If your order is available for delivery and, for reasons not due to our fault, the order has not been delivered within 10 days, we will consider that you want to cancel the contract between us, we will proceed with the cancellation without further notice and refund you the value of the products you have purchased from our website. In case you wish the re-shipment of your order after this, you agree to bear the additional shipping costs.

10.The price of each product will be the one stipulated on our website at any given time. If we discover an error in the price of any products you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible, and give you the option to reconfirm your order at the correct price or to cancel it. Our prices include VAT but not shipping costs, which are added to the total price as shown in the Payment Methods section. Prices may change at any time, but changes will not affect orders for which you have already received an Order Confirmation email.

Payment can be made by any of the available payment methods displayed on our website.

In case of payment by Debit/Credit card, to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access, your card details will be encrypted. Once we receive your order, we will request pre-authorization from your card issuer to ensure there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction.

Credit cards are subject to validity checks and authorization by your card issuer, which, if not received immediately, may cause a delay or non-delivery for which we have no liability.

In any case, and for your protection, we do not store critical personal data of your credit card (credit card number, cvv2/cvc2 number, expiration date). The payment process is carried out through the JCC service, which provides security for your transactions over the Internet as well as your personal data.

11. All content of the website, such as programs, information, data, trademarks, logos, photographs, graphics, designs, and any other distinctive features as well as all digital files and services of the online store, that have been introduced on the internet, are the intellectual property of Coffee Store Karpos – “To Kafeidikon” or those providing us the license for their use and are protected by Greek, community, and international laws concerning intellectual and industrial property. Therefore, none of these can be, in whole or in part, subject to sale, copy, reproduction, modification, transmission, republication, or distribution, in any way or means. The use of this content is permitted by you only to the extent expressly approved by us or the license holders and in any case in a manner that does not contravene the law and the moral and transactional customs. Misleading the public regarding the real owner of the content of this website in any way is prohibited.

Any reproduction, republication, uploading, announcement, dissemination, or transmission or any other use of the content, in any way or by any means for commercial or other purposes, is not permitted, and any such action as well as any fraudulent, misleading, or illegal use of the website’s content for commercial or other purposes may subject you to liability for compensation against us or third parties whose rights may be infringed.

Any improper use of this website by knowingly transmitting to other users viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and other malicious software or harmful material is strictly prohibited. You also expressly agree and commit not to use our online store or generally our website to send, publish, and generally in any way transmit, illegal, harmful, threatening, racist, offensive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or harmful content to minors.

12. Violation of the above term, as well as any provision of law that may concern electronic crime, may constitute a criminal offense according to the applicable legislation. Any such violation will be reported to the competent prosecutorial authorities with whom we will cooperate to reveal the identity of the electronic offender, who will be excluded from any further use of our website. Our website bears no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by viruses or other types of malicious software and harmful material that may infect your computer, its components, data, or any other material due to the use of this website.

13. We reserve the right to transfer, assign, subcontract, or delegate our Contract, or any of our rights or obligations arising from it, without prior notice, a disposition that does not affect your legal rights as a consumer nor nullify, diminish, or otherwise limit the effectiveness of the contract.

14. We are not responsible for any failure to perform or delay in fulfilling any of our obligations, which is due to force majeure events not attributable to our fault. A Force Majeure event is any act, event, non-performance, omission, or accident beyond our control or the control of the average person and indicatively includes the following situations: Strikes, lock-outs, or other industrial action, Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, Inability to use railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport, or other means of public or private transport, Inability to use public or private telecommunications networks, government restrictions, any strike, damage, or accident to shipping and postal services or other means of transport.

The fulfillment of our obligations is suspended for the duration that the force majeure event demonstrably lasts, and, as soon as this event ends, we will make every effort to fulfill our obligations and serve you promptly.

15. These Terms and any document expressly referred to in them or any document you receive from us constitute the entire agreement between us concerning the subject matter of each Contract and supersede any previous written or oral agreement, understanding, or arrangement between us.
16. We reserve the right to revise and modify these Terms at any time, about which you will be informed by navigating our website, having the obligation to accept them if you want to make use of our website.

17. The use of our website as well as the Contracts for the purchase of products through it are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising from or related to the use of the website or the said contracts is subject to the jurisdiction of the Greek courts.


The company accurately and completely provides any necessary labels and descriptions regarding the ingredients and allergens contained in the store’s products.

If you have allergies, allergic reactions or dietary restrictions and requirements, please contact the store immediately before completing your order.

Store Phone: +30 26510 26911

Email: [email protected]