Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery Payment

We would like to clarify that cash payment is an option we offer for those customers who prefer immediate payment upon receipt of their order, from our physical store.

During the process of completing your order, you will have the option to choose whether you would like to pay in cash. In this case, you will have to pick up your product from our store and make a direct payment at the checkout.

Credit/Debit Card Payment

Use your credit/debit card to make the payment with absolute security and confidentiality. Your card details are entered directly into the secure transaction system of the Piraeus Bank, with which we cooperate. For security reasons, your credit card number and any other detail (CCV2, expiration date, etc.) are not stored in our database. Accepted cards for transactions are Visa, MasterCard & Maestro. The payment process is automatically initiated with the selection of Credit/Debit Card as the shipping method, and your order execution begins immediately.

PayPal Payment

Orders can be paid quickly and securely through PayPal, without any additional charge. By choosing PayPal as the payment method, Coffee Store Karpos – “To Kafeidikon” forwards customers to PayPal for payment. After a successful transaction, you will return to complete your order. PayPal is globally recognized for its security and ease of online transactions, providing one of the safest electronic payment systems available today.

Bank Deposit Payment

You can deposit the total amount of your order into one of the following bank accounts, mentioning the name/company name and the order number.

Collaborating bank : National Bank of Greece
No. Account:
IBAN: GR4501103590000035900740552
Legal Beneficiary: ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΥ ΣΟΝΙΑ Κ ΣΙΑ ΕΕ

Collaborating bank : Piraeus Bank
No. Account: 6301166673099
IBAN: GR7601713010006301166673099

We would like to remind you that for the successful completion of your order, it is necessary to send us the deposit receipt (photo, screenshot, etc.) to the email address [email protected]. Alternatively, your order will remain pending until the deposit amount appears in our account, a process that can take from 1 to 3 working days.