Enter the world of tea at Coffee Store Karpos – “To Kafeidikon”. Here, you will find an extensive range of the most aromatic, tasty and natural varieties of tea that will delight even the most demanding tea lover around the world.

At Coffee Store Karpos – “To Kafeidikon”, we recognize the value of fresh and quality tea for this and work with reliable suppliers, offering our customers a rich variety of tea, from classic varieties to exotic blends.

Taste the delight of every note of our tea. From classic green tea and aromatic black tea, to refreshing drinks with herbs and fruits, you will find the ideal choice to enjoy the perfect variety and amazing taste of each cup.

At Coffee Store Karpos – “To Kafeidikon”, we promise to provide you with a wide selection of high quality tea. Each variety of tea is treated with reverence, preserving authentic taste and aromas. We also offer varieties for people with special preferences, such as organic tea and decaffeinated options.

Enjoy the aromatic pleasure and the natural, beneficial properties of tea at the Coffee Store Karpos – “To Kafeidikon”.

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